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Nerd. This is pretty much a multi fandom blog but I mainly love Daniel Jonathan Stevens, Thomas William Hiddleston, and Thomas James Mison. Oh and Hadley Fraser. Forever in mourning over the loss of Downton Abbey. You will probably find a bit of Marvel Universe, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Da Vinci's Demons, Outlander, Once Upon a Time and other assorted films/tv shows - quite alot of Sleepy Hollow. Lover of tea, comic books, comedy socks, mashed potato, video games and retaining the lyrics to every song ever listened to. Londoner. Old enough to know better. Cat lady in waiting.

Mr Armitage is really something in this, isn’t he?

*fans self*

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    Another convert!!! Hooray Welcome to the AA!
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    Prepare to descend into the awesomeness that is the Armitage Army :)
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  9. miscreantrose said: OMG, I was seriously *just* thinking of messaging you and asking if you had watched North & South yet, because I must have missed the flailing about. ABOUT TIME, WOMAN!! (and hands off, he’s mine!)
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  11. the-loft-troll said: that man really knows how to wear a high collar/old fashioned bow tie. And he took a Master’s course in brooding stares. He really is quite excellent
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